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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. General LC Classification (LCC)
Topic LF2965
2. General works LC Classification (LCC)
Topic LC145.4
Education--Special aspects of education--Social aspects of education--Education and the state--Attendance. Dropouts--Elementary school attendance--General works
3. Serial LC Classification (LCC)
4. North-western Christian University, Indianapolis, Indiana LC Classification (LCC)
Education--Individual institutions--United States--North-western Christian University, Indianapolis, Indiana
5. Official publications LC Classification (LCC)
6. Heraldry. Seal LC Classification (LCC)
Topic LF900.5
7. Nonserial LC Classification (LCC)
8. General works LC Classification (LCC)
Topic LB2831.662
Education--Theory and practice of education--School administration and organization--General--Personnel management--Administrative personnel--Efficiency. Rating--By region or country--United States--General works
9. Announcements ("Verzeichnis der vorlesungen") LC Classification (LCC)
Topic LF4861.C7
10. Rectorial addresses, etc. (Collected) LC Classification (LCC)
Topic LF937.5
11. Nonserial LC Classification (LCC)
12. Other works LC Classification (LCC)
13. Registrar LC Classification (LCC)
Topic LD4662.7
14. Nonserial LC Classification (LCC)
15. Regulations. Statutes LC Classification (LCC)
Topic LF2501.A7
16. Collective LC Classification (LCC)
Topic LD3762
17. Czech Republic. Czechoslovakia. Bohemia LC Classification (LCC)
Topic L829
Education--Education (General)--Educational exhibitions and museums--By region or country--Europe--Austria-Hungary--Czech Republic. Czechoslovakia. Bohemia
18. Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement LC Classification (LCC)
Topic LB3060.33.K38
Education--Theory and practice of education--School administration and organization--School management and discipline--Educational tests, measurements, evaluations and examinations--Special types of evaluations, measurements, tests and examinations--Particular tests, A-Z--Kaufman Test of Educational...
19. Other regions or countries, A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
Education--Theory and practice of education--Higher education--Admissions and entrance requirements--By region or country--Other regions or countries, A-Z
20. Official publications LC Classification (LCC)

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