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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Observations of altitude, motion, etc. LC Classification (LCC)
Science--Physics--Meteorology. Climatology--Aqueous vapor--Clouds--Observations of altitude, motion, etc. ; Altitude of clouds ; Motion of clouds
2. Commutative rings and algebras LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QA251.3
Science--Mathematics--Algebra--Commutative rings and algebras ; Commutative rings and algebras
3. Outlines, syllabi LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QM31
Science--Human anatomy--Study and teaching. Research--Outlines, syllabi
4. Microorganisms of animals LC Classification (LCC)
Science--Microbiology--Microorganisms of animals ; Microorganisms of animals
5. Chytridiaceae LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QK621.C5
Science--Botany--Cryptogams--Fungi--Systematic divisions--Phycomycetes--Special, A-Z--Chytridiaceae ; Chytridiaceae
6. Nonhomogeneous fluids LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QC153
Science--Physics--Descriptive and experimental mechanics--Fluids. Fluid mechanics--Fluid dynamics. Hydrodynamics--Nonhomogeneous fluids ; Nonhomogeneous fluids--Descriptive mechanics
7. Theory of double star systems LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QB421
Science--Astronomy--Theoretical astronomy and celestial mechanics--Theory of double star systems ; Theory of double star systems--Celestial mechanics ; Double star systems theory--Celestial mechanics
8. Hydrazines LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QP801.H78
Science--Physiology--Animal biochemistry--Special substances--Organic substances--Miscellaneous organic substances, A-Z--Hydrazines ; Hydrazines--Animal biochemistry
9. Electric resistance LC Classification (LCC)
Science--Physics--Electricity and magnetism--Electricity--Electric current (General)--Electric conductivity--Electric resistance ; Electric resistance--Physics
10. Plecoglossidae LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QL638.P64
Science--Zoology--Chordates. Vertebrates--Fishes--Systematic divisions--Osteichthys (Bony fishes). By family, A-Z--Plecoglossidae ; Plecoglossidae
11. Elementary geometry LC Classification (LCC)
Science--Mathematics--Geometry--Elementary geometry ; Elementary geometry
12. Geological time. Age of the earth LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QE508
Science--Geology--Dynamic and structural geology--Geological time. Age of the earth ; Geological time ; Age of the earth ; Earth--Age ; Radioactive dating--Earth age
13. General works LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QA85
Science--Mathematics--Instruments and machines--Miscellaneous geometrical instruments--Mechanical aids in higher analysis--General works
14. General works, treatises, and textbooks LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QP361
Science--Physiology--Neurophysiology and neuropsychology--Nervous system--General works, treatises, and textbooks
15. Reproductive immunology LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QP252.5
Science--Physiology--Urinary and reproductive organs--Reproduction. Physiology of sex--Reproductive endocrinology--Reproductive immunology ; Reproductive immunology--Physiology ; Immunology, Reproductive--Physiology
16. Southern Africa LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QE339.S68
Science--Geology--Geographical divisions--Africa--Other regions or countries, A-Z--Southern Africa
17. Polar regions LC Classification (LCC)
Science--Zoology--Geographical distribution--Polar regions
18. Periodicals, societies, congresses, serial publications LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QB600
Science--Astronomy--Descriptive astronomy--Solar system--Planets. Planetology--Periodicals, societies, congresses, serial publications
19. Popular works LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QC127.3
Science--Physics--Descriptive and experimental mechanics--Popular works
20. Blasticotomidae LC Classification (LCC)
Topic QL568.B5
Science--Zoology--Invertebrates--Arthropoda--Insects--Hymenoptera (Ants; bees; wasps; etc.)--Systematic divisions. By family, A-Z--Blasticotomidae ; Blasticotomidae

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