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1. Shade-tolerant plants. Gardening in the shade LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SB434.7
Agriculture--Plant culture--Flowers and flower culture. Ornamental plants--Classes of plants--Shade-tolerant plants. Gardening in the shade ; Gardening in the shade--Ornamental plants ; Plants, Shade-tolerant--Ornamental plants ; Shade, Gardening in the--Ornamental plants ; Shade-tolerant plants--Or...
2. Eastern Central Pacific LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SH214.62
Agriculture--Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling--Fisheries--By oceans and seas--Pacific Ocean--Central Pacific. Tropical Pacific--Eastern Central Pacific
3. Artificial insemination LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SF493.3
Agriculture--Animal culture--Poultry--Breeding--Artificial insemination ; Artificial insemination--Poultry breeding
4. Herbs LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SF918.H47
Agriculture--Animal culture--Veterinary medicine--Veterinary pharmacology--Special, A-Z--Herbs ; Herbs--Veterinary pharmacology
5. Tuatara LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SF515.5.T8
Agriculture--Animal culture--Reptiles--Individual, A-Z--Tuatara ; Tuatara--Animal culture
6. Great Britain LC Classification (LCC)
Agriculture--Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling--Angling--Angling in special countries--Europe--Great Britain
7. Individual LC Classification (LCC)
Agriculture--Hunting sports--Wildlife management. Game protection--Biography--Individual
8. Irrigated soils LC Classification (LCC)
Topic S595.5
Agriculture--Agriculture (General)--Soils. Soil science--Irrigated soils ; Irrigated soils ; Soils, Irrigated
9. Totara LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SD397.T66
Agriculture--Forestry--Sylviculture--Natural history of forest trees--Description, value, and culture of individual species or groups, A-Z--Totara ; Totara--Forest trees
10. Krill LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SH336.5.K75
Agriculture--Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling--Fisheries--Fishery processing--By fish, A-Z--Krill ; Krill--Fishery processing
11. Arkansas LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SK53
Agriculture--Hunting sports--By region or country--North America--United States--Arkansas
12. Portugal LC Classification (LCC)
Agriculture--Forestry--Forestry education. Study and teaching--By region or country--Other regions or countries--Europe--Portugal
13. Breeding LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SB435.73
Agriculture--Plant culture--Flowers and flower culture. Ornamental plants--Classes of plants--Shrubs and ornamental trees--Plant propagation--Breeding ; Breeding--Shrubs and ornamental trees
14. Urban pests LC Classification (LCC)
Agriculture--Plant culture--Pests and diseases--Urban pests ; Pests, Urban--Plant culture ; Urban pests--Plant culture
15. British works LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SK311
Agriculture--Hunting sports--Bird hunting. Fowling--General works--British works
16. Urban agriculture LC Classification (LCC)
Topic S494.5.U72
Agriculture--Agriculture (General)--General works--Special aspects of agriculture as a whole, A-Z--Urban agriculture ; Agriculture, Urban ; Urban agriculture
17. By region or state, A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
Agriculture--Agriculture (General)--Agricultural education--Exhibitions. Fairs--National, state, and local--By country--United States--By region or state, A-Z
18. Spain LC Classification (LCC)
Agriculture--Agriculture (General)--Documents and other collections--Other countries--Europe--Spain
19. By plant, A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
Agriculture--Plant culture--Field crops--Other field crops--Aromatic plants--By plant, A-Z
20. Dog day care LC Classification (LCC)
Topic SF427.7
Agriculture--Animal culture--Pets--Dogs--Dog day care ; Dog day care

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