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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Supports LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TJ930.5
Technology--Mechanical engineering and machinery--Pipelines (General)--Supports ; Supports--Pipelines
2. Repair. Rebuilding. Remodeling LC Classification (LCC)
Technology--Building construction--Maintenance and repair--Repair. Rebuilding. Remodeling ; Repair--Building construction ; Rebuilding--Building construction ; Remodeling--Building construction
3. Other waxes, A-Z LC Classification (LCC)
Technology--Chemical technology--Oils, fats, and waxes--Other waxes, A-Z
4. 1870-1872 LC Classification (LCC)
Topic T515
Technology--Technology (General)--Exhibitions--Special exhibitions--Cincinnati--1870-1872
5. Packaging LC Classification (LCC)
Technology--Chemical technology--Food processing and manufacture--Packaging ; Packaging--Food processing and manufacture
6. History and country divisions LC Classification (LCC)
Technology--Hydraulic engineering--Irrigation engineering. Reclamation of wasteland--History and country divisions
7. Furniture design. Drawings LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TT196
Technology--Handicrafts. Arts and crafts--Woodworking--Furniture--Furniture design. Drawings ; Furniture design--Woodworking ; Drawings--Furniture design
8. Receiving apparatus LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TK6588
Technology--Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering--Radar--Apparatus--Receiving apparatus ; Receiving apparatus--Radar
9. Collections LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TR660.5
Technology--Photography--Applied photography--Artistic photography--Landscape photography--Collections
10. Yugoslavia LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TD595.Y8
Technology--Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering--Sewage collection and disposal systems. Sewerage--Country and city subdivisions--Europe--Other regions and countries, A-Z--Yugoslavia
11. To 1800 LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TN18
Technology--Mining engineering. Metallurgy--History and description--Modern--To 1800
12. Botswana LC Classification (LCC)
Topic T319.B57
Technology--Technology (General)--Patents--History of patents--By region or country--Africa--Other divisions of Africa, A-Z--Botswana
13. Cooking LC Classification (LCC)
Technology--Home economics--Cooking ; Cooking--Home economics
14. General works LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TD191.5
Technology--Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering--Environmental pollution--Pollution control methods--General works
15. General works LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TS1315
Technology--Manufactures--Textile industries--History--General works
16. Persimmons LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TX813.P45
Technology--Home economics--Cooking--Fruits (Preparation)--Special fruits, A-Z--Persimmons ; Persimmons--Cooking
17. Rocks LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TR732
Technology--Photography--Applied photography--Scientific and technical applications--Nature photography--Rocks ; Rocks--Nature photography
18. Mine sanitation LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TN300
Technology--Mining engineering. Metallurgy--Mine sanitation ; Mine sanitation
19. Stain fungi LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TA423.4
Technology--Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)--Materials of engineering and construction--Special materials--Nonmetallic materials--Wood--Deterioration and preservation of wood--Special destructive agents--Fungi. Decay--Stain fungi ; Stain fungi--Deterioration of wood
20. Cruciform wings LC Classification (LCC)
Topic TL673.C7
Technology--Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics--Aeronautics. Aeronautical engineering--Aircraft (General)--Heavier-than-air craft--Airplanes--Details and parts--Supporting surfaces--Special, A-Z--Cruciform wings ; Cruciform wings--Airplanes

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