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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. inscriber
Authority rel00017
2. supposed name
Authority rel00021
supposed name
3. recipient
Authority rel00056
4. dedicatee
Authority rel00060
5. enslaver
Authority rel00127
slave holder ; slave master ; slave owner ; slaveholder
6. slaveholder
Authority rel00131
7. blurb writer
Authority rel00095
blurb-writer ; blurber ; blurbist
8. signer
Authority rel00019
9. binding designer
Authority rel00023
designer of binding
10. cover designer
Authority rel00058
designer of cover
11. deponent
Authority rel00062
12. slave owner
Authority rel00129
slave owner
13. blurber
Authority rel00097
14. designer of book
Authority rel00025
designer of book
15. channel
Authority rel00100
16. designer of type
Authority rel00064
designer of type
17. medium
Authority rel00099
channel ; clairvoyant ; psychic
18. type designer
Authority rel00027
designer of type
19. designer of bookplate
Authority rel00031
designer of bookplate
20. psychic
Authority rel00102

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