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  Label Vocabulary Concept Subdivision Identifier
1. Venetian types
GenreForm cv01448
Venetian types
2. Fabric ties
GenreForm cv00716
Fabric ties
3. National songs
GenreForm cv01627
National anthems
4. Authors' presentation copies
GenreForm cv00183
5. Chart papers
GenreForm cv01094
6. Ream wrappers
GenreForm cv01806
7. Slits, cancellation
GenreForm cv00362
Slits, cancellation
8. Idyllic poetry
GenreForm cv01273
Idyllic poetry
9. Tucks
GenreForm cv00541
10. Songs
GenreForm cv01452
11. Leake's patent relievo leather bindings
GenreForm cv00720
Leake's patent relievo leather bindings
12. Anti-Catholic works
GenreForm cv00107
13. New Year sermons
GenreForm cv01631
New year's sermons
14. Trick magic books
GenreForm cv01018
Trick magic books
15. Diversions
GenreForm cv01810
16. Colonizer works
GenreForm cv02108
Colonizer works
17. Extra-bold types
GenreForm cv01022
18. Creped papers
GenreForm cv01201
19. Leases for the rental of slaves
GenreForm cv02112
Leases for the rental of slaves
20. Humorous works
GenreForm cv00859

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