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1. - Electronic Resource BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 19510673-856-31
2. Svengalis, Kendall F., 1947- The legal information buyer's guide and reference manual. Barrington, R.I. : Rhode Island LawPress, ©1996- N. Stonington, CT : New England LawPress BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 12993891
3. Ruhl, Larry, Breaking the Ruhls : a memoir Las Vegas : Central Recovery Press, 2018. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 19928030
4. Leben, kunst, wissenschaft. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 10974407
5. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 13633522-776-38
6. Hsu, Shi-Ling, Capitalism and the environment a proposal to save the planet Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2021. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 22046991
7. Endō, Yasuhiro, 1940- "Machisodate" o hagukumu : taiwa to kyōdō no dezain Tōkyō : Tōkyō Daigaku Shuppankai, 2001. 東京 : 東京大学出版会, 2001. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 13085555
8. Frish, Sergeĭ Ėduardovich. [from old catalog] Spektroskopicheskoe opredelenie i︠a︡dernykh momentov. 1948. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 10234316
9. Montes, Victoriano E. Parónimos de la lengua castellana, reunidos y ordenados, Buenos Aires, F. Lajouane, 1893. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 8712346
10. Collins, Marjory, 1912-1985, [Untitled photo, possibly related to: Buffalo, New York. Women factory workers attending mass at nine a.m. Sunday directly after working the third shift. They are wearing slacks] 1943 Apr. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 20027507
11. Jones, J. William (John William), 1836-1909. Life and letters of Robert Edward Lee, soldier and man. New York, Washington, The Neale Publishing Company, 1906. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 6335573
12. Imanbekov, Tutkabaĭ. [from old catalog] Posledni︠a︡i︠a︡ okhota. 1976. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 7167328
13. North Dakota. Department of Public Instruction. Special education personnel in North Dakota. Bismarck, N.D. : The Dept. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 11415930
14. Nagayo, Yoshirō, 1888-1961. Takezawa Sensei to iu hito Tōkyō : Oyama Shoten, Shōwa 24 [1949] 東京 : 小山書店, 昭和 24 [1949] BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 5190981
15. Funkhouser, Erica. Natural affinities Cambridge, Mass. : A. James Books, c1983. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 4698891
16. Monrovia Symposium on the Future Development Prospects of Africa Towards the Year 2000 (1979) What kind of Africa by the year 2000? : final report of the Monrovia Symposium on the Future Development Prospects of Africa Towards the Year 2000, Monrovia, Liberia, 12-16 February 1979. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia : Organisation of African Unity, c1979. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 1847652
17. Kamernyĭ khor "Lege Artis". Songs of the cherubim [Germany] : Sony Classical ; New York, NY : Distribution, Sony Music, p1995. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 12321594
18. Marcus, Abraham. Electricity for technicians Englewood Cliffs, N. J. : Prentice-Hall, [1975] BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 2679407
19. Winant, Howard. Racial conditions : politics, theory, comparisons Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c1994. BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 1107561
20. Abū Shuʻbān, Nūr, Ajniḥat ḥulm : qiṣaṣ qaṣīrah ‏أجنحة حلم :‏ ‏قصص قصيرة /‏ ‏غزة :‏; ‏مكتبة سمير منصور للطباعة والنشر والتوزيع،‏; ‏‪2021‬ BIBFRAME Instances
Instance 22114785

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