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  Label Dataset Type Subdivision Identifier
1. Presentation Format
MADSScheme mpresformat
2. Script
MADSScheme mscript
3. MARC Authentication Action
MADSScheme marcauthen
4. Intended Audience
MADSScheme maudience
5. National Bibliography Number Source Codes
MADSScheme nationalbibschemes
6. Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music
MADSScheme performanceMediums
7. MARC Sound Content List
MADSScheme msoundcontent
8. File Type
MADSScheme mfiletype
9. Special Playback Characteristics
MADSScheme mspecplayback
10. Environment Purpose (DEPRECATED) Preservation Vocabs (all)
11. Library of Congress BIBFRAME Resources
MADSScheme resources
12. Groove Width/Pitch/Cutting
MADSScheme mgroove
13. Resource Types Scheme
MADSScheme resourceTypes
14. Generation
MADSScheme mgeneration
15. Event Related Agent Role Preservation Vocabs (all)
MADSScheme eventRelatedAgentRole
16. Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms
MADSScheme genreForms
17. Recording Medium
MADSScheme mrecmedium
18. Encoding Level
MADSScheme menclvl
19. Sound Capture and Storage
MADSScheme mcapturestorage
20. MARC Genre/Terms Scheme
MADSScheme marcgt

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