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1. Bailey, Lee Worth. The enchantments of technology BIBFRAME Works
Work 21520740
2. DePaola, Tomie, 1934-2020, Jingle the Christmas clown BIBFRAME Works
Work 21635716
3. Cummings, B. J., river that made Seattle : a human and natural history of the Duwamish BIBFRAME Works
Work 21466233
4. Entrepreneur Media, Inc., Start your own business the only startup book you'll ever need BIBFRAME Works
Work 22076287
5. Razafindrakoto, Mireille, Puzzle and paradox a political economy of Madagascar BIBFRAME Works
Work 21479401
6. Delano, Jack, 1914-1997, French-Canadian farm labor employed at the Woodman Potato Company. Eleven miles north of Caribou, Maine BIBFRAME Works
Work 19918276
7. Daughters of St. Paul, Millennial nuns inspiring words for women on how to live and lead with courage, confidence, and authenticity BIBFRAME Works
Work 21893114
8. Miller, Virginia (Research Fellow), A king and a fool? the succession narrative as a satire BIBFRAME Works
Work 21046298
9. Delano, Jack, 1914-1997, A class in animal husbandry discussing a brood of Spotted Poland China pigs, at one of the animal husbandry farms at Iowa State College. Ames, Iowa BIBFRAME Works
Work 19998167
10. Keystone View Company, Novle Falls, Roldal, Norway BIBFRAME Works
Work 22045973
11. Schnee, J. Chadwick, The right-to-know law a practice guide BIBFRAME Works
Work 20913061
12. Soumahoro, Maboula, 1976- Black is the journey, Africana the name BIBFRAME Works
Work 22062387
13. Bain News Service, Estelle Sternberger BIBFRAME Works
Work 20338255
14. Ni' Mheallaigh, Karen, The Moon in the Greek and Roman imagination myth, literature, science and philosophy BIBFRAME Works
Work 21465501
15. Dawkins, Adrian, Ultrasound Q&A review for the boards BIBFRAME Works
Work 21311594
16. Papas, Alexandre, Sufi institutions BIBFRAME Works
Work 21654386
17. Delano, Jack, 1914-1997, Buchanan, New Mexico. Passing an eastbound freight along the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad between Clovis and Vaughn, New Mexico BIBFRAME Works
Work 20025045
18. Binimelis-Adell, Mar, 1977- 'Espectáculo de frontera' y contranarrativas audiovisuales estudios de caso sobre la (auto)representación de personas migrantes en los dos lados del Atlántico BIBFRAME Works
Work 22041541
19. A philosophy of Israel education BIBFRAME Works
Work 21549451
20. [Untitled] BIBFRAME Works
Work 20075354

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